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Children Reading the Holy Bible


Welcome to St. Paul Christian School

St. Paul Christian School operates on the premise that children are truly gifts from God and we are entrusted not only to care for them in a loving and safe environment, but also to provide an atmosphere that will lead them to experience the love of Jesus Christ. If we can help them establish a meaningful relationship with God as the foundation from which all other education is built upon, then they will be equipped to reach their fullest potential in every area of life,

We invite you to call the school office at 850-678-1298 to arrange for an appointment to take a tour of the school and meet our faculty and staff.


Christy Lamacki, Principal

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an environment in which each child's natural strengths, talents, and spiritual gifts will flourish. We also desire to take the child's weaknesses and see them transformed into strengths by motivating them with Godly principles. Teaching children in an atmosphere of acceptance and promoting what the Bible says about them will transform how they see themselves and ultimately how they respond to life situations. Our goal is to equip children to excel in their academic understanding of the world around them and relate to others in a positive way.

We love all children of all colors, races, nationalities, and those with disabilities. We are here to serve you and your children. We would love the opportunity to help your family grow into the fullness of life God offers to each of us.


St. Paul is accredited through the FL-GA district of the LCMS using the NLSA (National Lutheran School) accreditation process.  FL-GA District NLSA is recognized by the state of Florida as an accrediting body.  We are licensed through the state of Florida (Lic. #CO1OK0064). 

St. Paul Christian School is a nonprofit organization that is faith-based.

We love children of all colors, races and nationalities.  We are here to serve you and your children and would love the opportunity to help your family grow into the fullness of life God offers to each of us.

Meet Our Staff

Christy Lamacki
Brianna Mott

Director of Before and After Care & Summer Program

Patricia Hyden
unnamed (11)_edited_edited.jpg
Sheri Ridnouer
august (12).png
Ashley Lambert
Amanda Burnett
Valery Hudson
Jamie Mack

Kindergarten Teacher

august (12).png

Kindergarten Teacher

image_50436865 (1).JPG
Michelle Grabinger
Mary Grace Lemons
Shannon Holman
Kelli Moore
august (12).png
Alexa Vecchio
Brittany Pearson
august (12).png
Jessica Mincy
Natalie Almonte
august (12).png
Heather Smith
Caitlyn Schwartz

Art/Technology Teacher
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